Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Check out our latest listing in Miami Beach. Great Investment! Urbanize Properties Janet Crucet and Kristine Flook. Your Real Estate Source for all properties in South Florida.

Good Afternoon Urbanize Properties, Kristine Flook over here in South Florida.

I’m actually here in Miami Beach. Chances are ya landed on my channel or my page because you’re looking for an investment in Florida. Well, I am here today at a very boutique property in Miami Beach. It’s a 12 unit condo and this awesome zen garden behind me.

We’re gonna go in and check out this one bedroom, one bath unit that’s for sale. I currently have it on the market and it’s a client of mine that’s owned it for probably about eight years could see the kitchen there behind me and we’re here in the living room. It’s a corner unit and it is a low maintenance property monthly and here’s the one bedroom and we also have the bath that is inside the bedroom. This currently is for sale in Miami Beach and this is a great investment because you can rent for six months so that’s a great feature that this boutique building offers here in Miami. Again, this is a one bedroom, one bath 700 square feet unit investment for sale in Miami Beach. This is a boutique waterfront building.

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