Commercial Real Estate In Florida

Hi, Good Afternoon, Kristine Flook over here, Urbanize Properties in sunny, South Florida. Miami is amazing weather and here in the Design District, which is in an area that is up and coming in Miami actually has been up and coming for many years. And I’m here at this duplex again in Design District, and it has been remodeled rehabbed and updated in each side of this.

Duplex is a three bedroom, two bath property has its own entrance and the owner has done an incredible job at updating this duplex Design District is known for its upscale retail properties here in Design District, such as Rolex and this particular property that I’m at the owner who is a client of mine is asking $799,000.

This is an excellent area for Airbnb and an excellent opportunity to perhaps consider an income almost $6,500 a month. If you were to rent it out on, just say a normal rental without Airbnb, you’d probably get somewhere a little over $5,000. So there’s definitely a nice cap rate return over here for these duplex. If you are in the market and you are interested in a duplex with two three beds, two on each side here in the Design District, give me a call. I’m available.

You can also DM me if you’d like, again, it’s over here in the design district in Miami sunny, South Florida, Urbanize Properties, $799,000. Hit me up. If you’re interested. I also listen and I’ll respond to your direct messages. Thanks for hanging out with me this afternoon. And again, if you’re looking for an Airbnb, this property has been updated. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!!!!