Commercial Real Estate In Florida


Good Afternoon, Kristine Flook, Urbanize Properties, Commercial Real Estate in Florida.

I am excited to hang out with you for a couple of minutes today. I am in an area called Fort Lauderdale, close to Los Olas. I’m in a quaint little pocket that offers residential and a handful of multi-family properties. The building behind me is asking $1,200,000. It is 14,000 square feet, just under 10 units, 3,400 square feet, built in 1941.

Some of the value add options here with this property that I am touring today behind me, that it has parking and it also has a lot attached to this building that you can build and add extra income, add extra units. If you can buy it at the right price, this is a quaint pocket that definitely you can up rents in the area.

I wanted to share with you a tip today, because chances are you landed here today because you are interested in commercial real estate in Florida, Urbanize Properties. The tip that I’d like to share with you is when you’re in an area that is historical, you want to make sure that you’re working with the right consultants that can help you designate with the right team, how to maneuver historical subdivisions within this area of Fort Lauderdale.

Kristine and Janet at Urbanize Properties, we are the right consultants to help you with this navigating step in purchasing real estate in Florida. Again, my name is Kristine Flook, Urbanize Properties, look forward to seeing you on the next tour. Have a fantastic day. Check out our website for additional information for Commercial Real Estate in Florida. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing your investment goals in South Florida