Commercial Real Estate In Florida


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Commercial Real Estate in Florida

I have the privilege of hanging out today with Mr. Sterling and he is here from Omaha Nebraska and he is in South Florida checking out some real estate.
Its a combination of multifamily and some development sites.

So just wanted to hop on real quick and just say:
“How important networking is your net worth.” So I am just going to let him talk for a couple of seconds.
Yeah its extremely important its kind of how me and Kristine met. Kristine found out I was coming down into Florida to look at hotel development site that we are looking at and hey, great time to get together not too far away from her where the hotel I’m staying and we have sat here we have talked about business. We talk about working together. We talk about different people that we know in the business and how we can best help each other.

And I think that’s a really really key piece and a really important thing to do when you are in this business. Because its really about who can you help and who can help you. And the network is such a big part of that and was telling Kristine a big part of me getting into larger deals and working with other investors which is continuously building that network.

So doing that is truly key to leveling up not in life but also in your business as well. So your network truly is your net worth. That’s a very true statement. But just getting out there and introducing yourself to people.

Kristine is awesome. She’s hooking me up on some places to eat and I go see and (get your Cuban Flavor on). But the thing that really peaked me about Kristine is just how she reaches out to help. And she made a call right here on a possible deal that we were going to look at and turned out wasn’t too big of a piece of land.
But just how she hop on that phone cause she has the connections and wanted to help me out was amazing to me. So I will always hold that here.

But that’s the power of networking and just having a really strong network to make things happen. I appreciate that.

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed visiting with you today Sterling Anderson. Many blessings to you and your family and look forward to doing the future together. Absolutely!

Commercial Real Estate in Florida